Best Tips To Sew Baby Clothes For Pregnant Women

You may say cooking, cleaning, practicing yoga, and so on. But sewing is hardly on your list. I know the reason why since I used to think just like you.

Plenty people assume that sewing is much more complicated than other pleasures and you need the talent to do it. However, it’s just what you think.

Why Should Pregnant Women Try Sewing Clothes For Their Baby?

When I was pregnant my first-born, I tried various pleasures to kill my time, such as yoga or making new dishes with different recipes. But everything was still not enough, and I felt quite bored when staying at home by myself.

Therefore, I wanted to try something that I had never done. I read an article about sewing and decided to try it. Although I did not know what the reason was, I was addicted to it all at once.

I admit that sewing needs more care and meticulousness than cooking and other tasks, but it is completely not harder. You will know it when you try. It is just like drawing but instead of using colors and paper, you use pieces of fabric and then stitch them together

Sewing clothes for your baby is also the best way to relax when you are pregnant. Because you have something to focus on, you will forget about all of the stress and anything bothering you. Any pregnant woman would know that it is sometimes hard to carry a baby.

I could not help pissing off with my husband many times during pregnancy because I was so tired. Sewing helped me calm and control my feelings better. If you are pregnant and have troubles with controlling your mood, you can try sewing. You will feel much better.

And sometimes, you may find it hard to choose baby clothes that fit your taste. With sewing, you can create a brand for your child’s clothes yourself. You can decide what your infant shirt look like, how to choose the most appropriate fabric for your baby’s skin, and which patterns you want to decorate. Isn’t it wonderful when you can do all of those things as a gift for your child?

Furthermore, if you have a baby girl, you can teach her needlecraft when she grows up. Mother and daughter will have something to share with each other, which is what a lot of parents desire.

Nowadays, life is so much busier than ten years ago. Numerous kids are now focusing on smartphones and Ipad more than playing physical games. Teaching some needlecraft for your child will help you relax, and you both can talk about a lot of things. I hope that when Olivia is 7 or 8-year-old, I can teach her all of my skills in sewing just like I told you.

How To Sew Clothes For Your Baby?

I will show you how to make some essentials for your infant and the best tools to decorate them.

Baby Hat

  • What you need to follow: Fabric (cotton is the best material).
  • How to make it:
  • Step 1: Cut out two pieces of a baby hat from your fabric, which fit your infant’s head.
  • Step 2: Place their right sides on each other and sew their wrong sides at the round edges.
  • Step 3: Make a rim and stitch it around the straight edge of the hat. You can choose a different color from the baby’s hat to make it look more beautiful.
  • Step 4: Turn the wrong side out.

You can make add bear ears or other decorations. Embroidery can be one of the best choices because it is stylish and you can make variable shapes with it.

In a subsequent part of this article, I will show you how to decorate your baby clothes with embroidery, in case you don’t know how to do that. I would also recommend the best embroidery machines that I had used as well.

Baby Shoes

  • What you need to follow: piece of cloth (could be from your old clothes), elastic.
  • How to make it:
  • Step 1: Cut out four soles and four pieces of back heel and side from your fabric, which fit your baby’s feet.
  • Step 2: With the first two pieces of back heel and side, turn their right side and stitch the straight line together. Then, sew elastic on the straight line to make it curl in. After that, turn the wrong side and sew the straight line again. Do the same with the other two pieces.
  • Step 3: Sew around two pieces of soles to make them stitch to each other. When they have become one piece, sew its top round edge to the finished edge of back heel and side. Do exact the same way to the back of the shoe.
  • Step 4: After you have done with sewing, turn the right side of each shoe.

Baby Diaper Covers

  • What you need to follow: piece of cloth (could be from your old clothes), elastic.
  • How to make it:
  • Step 1: Cut out two pieces (the front and the back) of your baby cover from your fabric, which fit your child’s bottom.
  • Step 2: Place their right sides on each other and sew their wrong sides at the crotch seam.
  • Step 3: Iron the edges, so that you can put elastic through them later.
  • Step 4: Turn the wrong sides and stitch two side seams together.
  • Step 5: Put elastic through the edges and sew their ends.

You can estimate the measurements of your baby’s waist and legs to cut the elastic. If you cut it too short, your child may feel unpleasant. And if you cut it too long, your baby won’t fit the cover.

A suggestion for infants is 7 inches for each leg and 10 inches for the waist. You can find specific measurements for babies from plenty sources on the internet. So take advantage of them.

These are the easiest items that you can make for your baby. And in case you want to decorate your infant clothes but don’t know how, I have a fantastic solution: Embroidery. It’s stylish and creative.

You can feel free to imagine all types of shape and patterns to decorate your baby’s clothes. When Olivia, my first kid, was born, she looked so adorable in the clothes that I decorated by embroidery. I felt triumphal because I had done something useful for my baby.

And I know what is in your mind right now. You may think that embroidery is a big challenge, but don’t worry because we now have machines to do it. Some best embroidery machines that you can choose are Bother PE770, Singer XL400, and Janome Memory Craft 350E.

You can look for more information about them before buying. I am sure they will make your baby look cuter, and you will love it.


Lastly, thank you for reading my article about sewing baby clothes. I hope that you will make the best outfit for your newborn as beautiful as you expect. Goodbye.

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