Best Pregnancy Support Belt Reviews

Are you worried about keeping your baby in the right position when you are pregnant?

Are you struggling with pain and other discomforts caused by pregnancy?

Are you wondering whether it is possible to continue working when pregnant?

If your answers are “yes,” then this article is for you! I shared my experience of overcoming all pregnancy problems with the support of a simple item.

My Story

Sharing is a great thing; however, at the moment, you are probably asking why I am qualified enough to give you some advice on your pregnancy.

Am I an expert with the specialization of pregnancy? No. Did I spend the whole life on studying medicine? No. So, the ultimate question is who I am.

Simply, I was pregnant, just like you, and now I am enjoying my role as a mother of two kids. Therefore, I have spent pregnancy twice and suffered from all of its effects.

Before I Knew Maternity Belt

Pains in hips, back or abs area often dragged me out of sleep at night. I had visited many doctors, but the only thing I heard was nothing they could help me get over these problems.

They are claimed to be an indispensable part of pregnancy period and us, women, have to accept them.

But I knew that I did not want to (and also have to) suffer like this by myself. I am afraid and reluctant to change my lying or even sitting positions so as not to affect my baby; worried that any movement I did would make my baby uncomfortable, while still experiencing a lot of pain in some areas.

After all, I concluded myself; pregnancy was not a curse. Like any other health problems, pain caused by pregnancy would have some remedies. The key was to look for the right support to put an end to these painful feelings.

After I tried Maternity Belt

As soon as I made that decrement, I knew that I was only to responsible for my health (and of course, my future baby’s too).

If nobody around me could help me overcome these worries, then I would do it on my own – and in fact, I did! I used my free time to search for medical journals; I read a lot of studies, instead of lying and watching television as I had done before.

Also, I also visited many experts to ask for advice and noted all the advantages and disadvantages of each solution I found.

The results were more satisfactory than I expected. I even did not have to take a single medicine to relieve my pain. This is crucial because not many drugs should be used during pregnancy period.

Then, one day I came across a website that showed me a brand new solution to my problem: Maternity Belt. The guide was so detailed about its benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief, especially in hips and pelvic area.
  • Lower risk of stretch marks.
  • Muscle support.
  • Sciatica relief.

Nevertheless, I was stuck in a new dilemma. There were too many choices on the market to make me confused enough.

Luckily, at that time, I asked for one of my friends who also experienced a long period of pregnancy. She introduced me a product from Groovy Queen.

With GroovyQueen product, I have managed to live through a painful and difficult period of my life in the first try. My babies were very healthy at birth and so was I, though I had to stand on feet a lot during pregnancy. It was all thanks to this maternity belt.

What I Got From GroovyQueen Maternity Belt

Best Pregnancy Support Belt Reviews

And I can’t wait to show you some obvious benefits you will get from it. I am sure that they will blow your mind and urge you to get one immediately.

  • Support The Baby

All mothers on Earth will agree with me. Everything we’ve done is for the sake of our baby. Understanding this concern, manufacturers of GroovyQueen have produced maternity belt that provides great support for our baby to bump well.

  • Ease the Pain

On the other hand, most pregnant women in the world have one same problem: pain on various areas, especially joints and back.

According to Spine Journal, low back pain is a common problem for about 71 percent of pregnant women. Meanwhile, the percentage for pelvic girdle pain is around 65 percent.

I was one member of this group with chronic pain in these areas when I was pregnant. But I overcame them with GroovyQueen Belt.

This belt is made from high-quality ingredients that are soft and gentle enough for our skin. It offers great support for our lower back.

Furthermore, it also has positive impacts on the baby bump. As a result, the pain will decrease in both frequency and intensity.

With maternity belt, the baby’s weight will be evenly distributed onto both abdomen and back. Therefore, round ligaments will suffer from less pressure.

  • Reduce Pressure on Spine

When we are pregnant, our body has to carry the excess weight that is our baby’s. If you are not careful, your spine will have to suffer from a lot of pressure.

With its unique design, GroovyQueen Maternity Belt reduces the risk of spinal strain significantly and then, protects your spine from a lot of serious problems.

Moreover, it allows you to do better posture in daily life. This product can prevent you from overextending your lower back, which guarantees a healthy spine as well.

The size of Pregnancy Support Belt is flexible, which means that you can fold it to make it more convenient.

Maternity belt can put an end to this problem. This product is very light, so you may no longer feel uncomfortable, and it is easier to take part in more physical activities.

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  • After Pregnancy

Interestingly, you can still use GroovyQueen Maternity Belt even after pregnancy period.

When the pregnancy is over, core strength might become decreased and very weak. It would take a certain amount of time for our ligaments and muscles to heal. In fact, a lot of women have injuries after giving birth.

I found maternity belt very useful for my lower back and abdomen as it reduced all discomforts.


However, you are not suggested use this product, or any belt, when you sleep at night. It might cause uncomfortable positions for both yourself and your baby. It does not appear in many colors, so some mothers might find it quite unattractive


Pregnancy is truly a gift for us! Hope is the only thing that I want to offer in this story. I give you hope for protecting yourself first, and then, nurturing your baby to the best extent.

It is possible not to suffer from pain and enjoy your pregnancy period with joy! You will do it – if you believe in me.


Rosie M. Jordan

Hello my name is Rosie. I am a 36-year-old SAHM to an energetic little boy called Andrew. We love reading, Toddler Sense, the library and trips to the park. To get in touch you can email us

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