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There is hardly any parent who will not want their kids to learn to ride the bike on their own and see them happy as they find the right balance for the very first time.

The feeling of watching your kid finally taking their feet off the ground as they zoom past on their bike in perfect balance is just indescribable.

If you really wish to be a part of your kid’s growing up and learning how to ride a bike and also be witness of this special moment in their life, make sure you get the best balance bike for your kids.

The balance bikes are perfect in many senses. They offer the best way to learn how to balance without putting the kid in any harm’s way (which can so often happen when we try to turn the regular bicycle into a balance bike by removing the pedals).

These balance bikes also come in a variety of sizes, materials and colours. It can be the best gift your child receives as early as on his/her first birthday.

Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers In The Market

Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike

The name might come as a bit of a surprise for those who are not acquainted with the product. This is a best balance bike which actually allows the kid to learn balancing step by step, thus the name gradual balance bike.

This bike is lightweight and can be adjusted to become a three wheeler or a two wheeler with ease without the need of any external tools.

There is even a compartment just under the seat which adds to the attraction of the bike. The bike comes in bright colors and has highly secure skid proof tires.

The look of the bike which is quite close to an original bike makes it even more attractive to the kids. They will love to take a ride on the bike and learn balancing in the process.


  • Extremely lightweight and perfect for toddlers
  • Very low priced
  • Perfect for children starting to learn how to ride a bike as it allows changing the bike type from 3 to 2 wheelers


  • Not meant for prolonged use and kids will have to look for new bike soon after they outgrow the size
  • Might be too small for kids who grow fast

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YBIKE Balance Bike

Is your kid a great fan of Batman? If that is so, or if he/she is a fan of various bikes, make sure you get the YBIKE for his/her next birthday.

The futuristic “Bat Bike” like design is a clear catch for any kid. Moving on from the outlook, the design of the bike is wonderful, allowing great balance because of bigger back wheels and yet ensuring that the kid may learn the art of balancing.

The rear when also comes covered and does not allow the kid to accidentally ride over the feet. The high impact plastic can be trusted to hold good even in case of minor crashes. With a large front wheel there is very little chance of the kid toppling over while turning.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low priced
  • Good for beginners who just learn how the bike works


  • Plastic body cannot take much impact
  • Can be a bit too short

WeeRide Learn 2 Ride Balance Bike

If you have been looking for the perfect balance bike which will give the genuine look and feel of an original bicycle, there can be nothing better than this product.

The WeeRide Learn 2 Ride balance bike comes with not only real like wheels, but also have mud guards to keep the children clean while riding on muddy roads. There is also rear brake to allow stopping the bike with ease. The inflatable tires and the steel frame give the complete original look as well as make it sturdy.


  • Easy adjustable seat height
  • Padded seat along with carry handle
  • Rear brake makes it easy to stop


  • Weight can be a bit too much for a toddler.
  • Spokes and inflatable tires might not be completely safe for use on bumpy roads and on extremely hot days.

Why should I choose these Best Balance Bike?

The balance bikes are certainly available in many types. What makes the best balance bikes much better than any other option is the basic fact that they offer safer alternative to learning how to ride a real bike.

These balance bikes have been made keeping in mind the need of child safety at all times. These are perfect for the tiny toddlers and you can ensure that they get the basics right before moving on to better balance bikes, or may be a complete bike.

Maintenance of These Balance Bikes

The maintenance of the plastic models is highly easy. They will simply need to be cleaned regularly to get the dirt and mud out of the frame. The plastic models will run smoothly without any hiccup.

However, it should be remembered to let the kids use these plastic models on the field. Even though the plastic is sturdy enough, there is no need to test it on hard ground.

For the metal frame models, the best thing will be to keep the bike oiled at regular interval. The metal frame can handle much more rough use and can be used on any terrain. Washing them with water and oiling them regularly will be enough to keep them shiny and brand new in look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For Best Balance Bike

  • Can we attach a paddle to the balance bike in future?

No, a balance bike is not meant for that purpose. It is only to be used for letting the kid learn how to balance.

  • How to decide the best size for my kid?

The best size is always an inch shorter than the height of the crotch of your kid from the ground while wearing shoe. This size is that of the height of the seat. The handlebar height should be adjusted accordingly.

  • What is the expected delivery time in case of online purchase?

The product is generally delivered by Amazon within two days free of cost, unless mentioned otherwise. The delivery can be obtained next day on additional payment as well.

  • Who is responsible for customer service and warranty in case of online purchase?

The manufacturing company is responsible for the customer service as well as warranty on the product. However, in case of defect in the product delivered, Amazon can be contacted. Also, if the product does not fit, it can be replaced within 30 days (in case of products having 30 days replacement policy).

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