Best Baby Bouncer 2017: Types, Benefits, and Buying Guides

A baby bouncer is a kind of seat where your baby can lay on and have a nice sleep. But it’s not just that simple since it can be bouncy up and down depending on your baby’s movements.

In comparison with a Pack n Play, a baby bouncer has both similar and different features, but in general, it’s more portable and less bulky.

If you’re going to buy a baby bouncer for your “little angel” and find it difficult to identify which one is the best baby bouncer, this guide will show you.

Different Types of Baby Bouncers

Basic Bouncer

Also called as “framed bouncer”, a basic baby bouncer is the most minimal form of baby bouncers. It’s simple and designed to let your baby do only one job: move up and down with marginal endeavor.

In fact, it provides more bouncy than any bouncer. Since it’s simple and small, you can easily fold it up to store and travel with the highest convenience. The most recognizable drawback of this kind is the deficiency of features.

In particular, most models include a belt or whistle to secure your baby but some others don’t. There is no entertainment center, toy, and sound, which can make your curious kid feel bored after a short period of time.

Rocker Bouncer

Rocker Bouncer

In comparison with the basic choices, rocker bouncers are much more excited with multiple functions. It includes an amusement center where your baby will never get bored with toy rails, music, and even flashlights.

Besides, expensive models also come with a vibrating seat that uses batteries to operate and continuously creates bounce as long as it’s turned off. The disadvantage of this type is it’s often quite heavy and bulky due to too many things.

It’s less portable compared to a basic bouncer, and some models don’t allow you to fold down and up at all. You need to take more effort to carry it while traveling.

Why Do You Need The Best Baby Bouncer?

Baby Secure

A baby bouncer prevents your kids from falling and slipping. It usually comes with a seat belt which helps to fix your baby into a durable and sturdy metal frame lined with a soft and smooth fabric layer. Besides, it protects both the upper- and lower-body of your baby including head, shoulder, neck, spine, and leg.

Baby Development

A baby bouncer provides your baby with a sense of balance to prepare the toddler phase. On the other word, they take advantage of bouncy movements and different level of vibration to support the baby’s physical skills including jumping, crawling, standing, and walking.

Moreover, as your little angel plays around with color and textures, they’ll be soon able to recognize the colors, shapes, and sizes of different objects. Listening to eye-catching music also stimulates their brain as a perfect way to enhance their creativity and mental developments.

Parent Replacement

Your baby will have nice, comfortable sleep, and you have nothing to worry about. That’s also one of the most common reasons making parents find the best baby bouncer for their child. Thanks to various levels of bouncy movements, your baby will fall to sleep quicker without any effort from you.

the best baby bouncer 2017

What Are The Features of a Baby Bouncer?

  • Seat Material.

Since your baby will directly contact to the seat in the entire time, you need to consider it carefully. The fabric making of the seat must be soft, smooth, and contains no lumpy seams. It will be even better if the seat includes a padding.

  • Reclining Position.

Most bouncers are declining, but a few can be nearly horizontal. The most important thing is that the seat should be adjustable with various declinations and positions.

  • Head Support.

A cushion should be attached to the seat to support your baby’s head and neck, which is very necessary for newborns. Even better, it can be removable, and when your baby grows up, you can remove it if you want.

  • Frame Material.
Best Baby Bouncer 2017

Most frames of baby bouncer are made of metal. Since this material is very durable and strong, your baby bouncer is guaranteed to last long together with your baby growth. Some low-quality bouncers use the plastic frame, so it’s better if you avoid them.

  • Portability.

Choose baby bouncers that allow you to fold up when not in use. Some models also allow you to disassemble into different parts. As you can make your device smaller, you’ll be easier to store and move it, and even bring it on your trip.

  • Bounce and Vibration.

Without this factor, your baby bouncer cannot be called as its name. When buying, ask the salesclerks to know how the seat rocks, how it vibrates, and how many levels of vibrations. Then, check it yourself using your hands and feel the motion. Note that the bounce ability mostly depends on the frame design, and it can vary from slightly to considerably bouncy.

  • Entertainment.

If you need something to make your baby engages and entertain, the best baby bouncer with an entertainment center is the solution. Firstly, the bar hanging the toys should be removable, and the toys should be replaceable too. When your baby gets bored, just replace with new toys.

Secondly, the sound (songs, music) should be soothing to your baby. They also need to be various because your kid could go to insane if he/she hears the same sound over and over again.

Finally, some bouncers also include a flashlight system with different patterns. They’re great supplements which will provide more entertainment choices for your baby.

  • Canopy.

We all know how harmful the sun rays effect the sensitive and susceptible skin and eyes of infants. That’s why a canopy is necessary, especially when you take your “little angel” outdoor.

  • Battery Capacity.

The energy supplying for the entertainment demands, including music, sound, lights, and vibration, all come from batteries. So if you don’t want to change them frequently, invest in a large-capacity power source. Note that the matter is not which kind of battery the bouncer supports, but how many batteries can be put inside the tray and how much energy the bouncer requires.


Without a doubt, a baby bouncer is a crucial piece of device that parents should take a look. Besides providing your baby with an ideal place to play and relax, it’s also a great solution keeping your “little angel” safe and comfortable.

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