Baby’s Day Out: Bike Safety Tips to Teach to Toddlers

It’s your day off of work yet again, and you’ll be spending your entire day riding your bike as usual. You decided to bring your toddler along with you for the first time. After all, you want your child to learn how to ride a bike - it grants them a degree of freedom, and can grant you some much needed alone time.

But to make your toddler’s biking experience enjoyable the first time around, here are some bike safety tips that you can teach them:

1. Fit Your Child With A Helmet That’s Appropriate For Their Age To Protect Their Head From Any Potential Injuries.

Your child’s skull isn’t tough enough to handle getting bumped and hit by hard objects. Leaving them without anything to protect their head while they’re riding their can cause them to suffer from brain trauma which can take a toll on both their physical and mental development.

  • Thus, when going out on a bike ride with your child, you should equip them with a helmet and teach them how to wear it themselves so that they won’t need your assistance in wearing it much later.
  • You should ensure that the helmet you’ll be buying for your baby is suitable for their age as well as the size of their head. Adult-sized ones are too big and loose.

2. Ensure That Your Toddler Is Riding Their Bike Near You Or Within Your Line Of Sight.

Your child has yet to learn how to deal with the outside world on their own, so until then, you should always be by their side whenever both of you are riding your bikes together.

  • When your child is riding beside you, place them on the safe side of the road so that even if you get caught in an accident yourself, they won’t.
  • When they are riding their bike in front of you, you should make sure that you can easily see them so that you won’t lose sight of them.
  • Only start letting your toddler ride their bike on their own when they’re already old enough to make it back to your home.

3. You And Your Child Should Ride Your Bikes In Safe Areas, Like Sidewalks And Designated Bike Lanes.

You might have already gotten used to riding your bike alongside vehicular traffic, but your child isn’t – at least not yet. Thus, you should always put their safety first by riding only in areas that provide maximum protection, like a sidewalk that isn’t too crowded or a bike lane with concrete barriers.

4. As Slow As It Might Seem To You, You And Your Baby Should Ride Your Bikes Without Swerving.

When you’re out on your own riding your bike, and you’re doing it in a busy street without any designated bike lane, you might have weaved your way into traffic, most especially if you’re in a hurry.

  • But as you have your toddler with you on your bike ride, you should refrain from doing any swerving so that they won’t get put in harm’s way.
  • Instead, you and your child should ride your bikes in a singular and consistent direction. When making a turn, you should closely assist your them in doing the same.

5. Your Toddler Should Wear Bright Colors While They’re Out Riding Their Bike.

As your toddler would be out on the streets riding their bike for a few hours, you’ll want to see them easily. You should buy your baby some bright-colored clothing – particularly those that come in pastel colors.

6. Don’t Ride Too Far From Your House.

It’s your pride and joy’s first day out with their brand new bike, so, naturally, they might want to explore what the outside world has to offer. However, you should set a biking route that’s only less than a dozen miles from your house. Make sure that your child can handle the route and won’t get lost.

Your toddler has to get a taste of the world outside of the four corners of their crib sooner or later. However, you’ll have to wait until your toddler turns 12 months old when their motor skills are already somewhat developed before you can start teaching them how to ride a bike.

But it’s not only how to ride a bike that you should teach to your them. In fact, you should teach the above-listed bike safety tips so that they make it home safe. They’ll thank you later. If you’re having trouble exploring your legal options, you may click here to know more.

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