The Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Method

One of the most complaints new parents have has always been sleeping issues. In the book ”Secrets of the Baby Whisperer,” by Tracy Hogg, she focuses on various sleep training philosophies that create effective methods that encourage patience, listening and routine that helps your baby to be in a position have an all-night healthy sleep. The way you will apply the baby whisperers sleep method will entirely depend on your baby’s age.

How To Learn The Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Method

Understand Your Baby’s Problem

Infants tend to have a difficult time regulating their sleep cycles and the same time new parents also never know how to teach their newborns on how to sleep throughout the night. Some authors advocate for letting your newborn cry till they fall asleep so that they can learn how to self-soothe themselves.

However, this method if taken to the extreme can result in the baby experiencing health complication or even psychological stress. Some professionals on the other had advocated for attachment parenting methods like rocking to sleep, co-sleeping and nursing to sleep. This method, on the other hand, makes the mother lack enough sleeping and resting time.

The Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Method on the other hand advocates for a middle ground for both the methods; extreme attachment parenting method and extreme cry-it-out method. The Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Method advocates for a strict night and daytime sleeping routines for newborns.

This helps in ensuring that the baby is in a position to naturally adjust to specific times without much of a struggle. This method should also involve being in a position to learn your baby’s cues as well as how to effectively communicate with your baby so that you are able to know when your baby is tired or needs to rest.

Understand your baby’s problem

Effectively Learn The Baby Whisperer’s Method

The easiest way to learn this method is by getting to learn the E.A.S.Y. method. These acronyms represent a very effective routine that is basically the foundation of the Baby Whisperer’s Sleep method.E for Eat. When your baby wakes up, be it from bedtime or a nap. The first thing you should always do is feed them. You can settle for just a snack or even a whole meal.

A for Activities. After you have fed your baby the next thing you should do is play or even run errands together. Simply make sure you engage your baby in activities that do not involve sleeping or eating. The time you set apart for activities for your baby will entirely depend on your baby’s age. The older the baby the more activities they can engage in, the younger the baby the less the activities they can engage in since young babies tend to tire quite fast.

S for Sleep. It is always quite important to make sure that sleep always follows activities. If your child plays long enough to an extent of showing signs of fatigue then this automatically transitions to sleep without even having to nurse or rock your baby.

Y for You Time. When you faithfully follow this routine, you will for sure get some you time. Every mother needs some time to themselves for a rest and sleep as well.

Effectively Learn The Baby Whisperer’s Method

If you happen to place your baby in bed and they cry then you may need to learn the “pick up/put down” (pu/pd) method. This is a method that entails “Four S” techniques that are meant to effectively soothe the baby. The “Four S techniques include;

  • Set your baby’s sleeping stage- this is supposed to be a bed routine that automatically signals to your baby that it is time to sleep. It could involve activities like a diaper change, turning off the lights, singing a specific song or even saying a specific sleeping phrase.
  • Swaddling- if your baby is into being swaddled than this can be an ideal soothing technique if they are not, it is also fine since not all babies love being swaddled.
  • Sit quietly with the baby. Shush-pat- this method is the best for infants. It entails a firm but light pat on the baby’s back and it should go in uniform with the baby’s heart beat and also followed by a “shhh” sound by the caregiver. Once the baby is calm, the caregiver can put her on the bed then leave the room. The caregiver is encouraged to repeat this till the baby sleeps since this is just a method that is meant to encourage sleep.

How To Use The Baby’s Whisperer Sleep Method On Various Ages

3-6 months

For this age following the E.A.S.Y. routine is none negotiable. But the how long you focus on each routine will entirely depend on your baby’s needs. Ensure that you observe if you baby has a specific arising time every morning, this will help you ensure that your baby’s daily routine is consistent.

6-8 months.

Not much change during this age as far as the E.A.S.Y routine is concerned. Al you have to do is slightly lengthen the duration of each routine especially the activities period. At this age, it is also very important to watch and listen to your baby since most babies can easily communicate at this age. For example steady, rhythmic crying ca signify hunger, high- pitched and sudden crying can signify discomfort or pain, a yawn, rubbing of the eyes or a blink can signify fatigue and so on.

8 months and above.

During this age, the best you can do for your baby is increase their activities hours and reduce their sleeping hours. Before your baby is 1 year you two naps per day are fine but after 1 year one nap per day is totally fine.

At this age, naps can range from 20 minutes to a few hours but this will also depend on your baby’s age and the kind of cues they give. It is also advisable to let your baby fall asleep on their own, at this age, just place them in their bed and walk away. Don’t pick them up, unless they get really upset.

If your baby has nighttime cries do not always rush to them, in some cases they are able to soothe themselves back to sleep. Just listen but if the crying intensifies you can go pick them up.


The Baby Whisperer’s Sleeping Method is one of the most effective methods that has been proven to effectively help in putting babies to bed easily. If you have an issue with your baby sleeping, then that should not be an issue anymore since the Baby Whisperers Sleeping Method is all you need.

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