Baby Sleep Tips That Will Help You Get More Sleep

Sleep deprivation is pretty much guaranteed and comes with the territory when having a newborn.

For some of us our baby gets into a good sleeping pattern early on, for others it can take up to 1 year or longer before our child sleeps through the night.

The good news is that there is some tried and tested methods that do help to establish sleep patterns. If you are one of those mothers who is desperate for a good night’s sleep, you might want to try a few of the below methods?

​Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine is critical not only for your newborn but for children too. Establishing learned patterns helps to build and cement expectations. Being regimented with the routine to start is important, as any variations will contribute to confuse baby.

​Room Temperature

Keep the room temperature constant. Avoid over heated or cold rooms, as this will only disrupt his sleep and sleep patterns.His hands should be warm to touch, not hot or clammy nor should they be cold. These are warning signs that the room temperature is not right.

​Calming Music

You might find that playing some music softly in the background will help to set the scene for sleep.Yoga music is fantastic as it is designed to calm the mind.


A nice firm swaddle will help baby feel secure and snug. The technique prevents baby from startling himself and waking from sleep.Use a muslin or cotton based swaddle. These will help to avoid overheating as they allow the skin to breathe.

​Sleeping Bag

Once baby is able to get his hands free from the swaddle transfer him in to a baby sleeping bag. The unique design has armholes and a large closed in area at the bottom. The design helps to keep baby warm throughout the night as he moves around in his sleep.


Using a nightlight will help to establish a soft diffused light in the room, which helps to set the mood for sleep.

Get to know your child’s sleep patterns

As baby gets older his need for sleep becomes less. Get to know his sleep pattern and avoid putting him down too early as this could distress him, as he’s potentially not tired enough to sleep.

​Co Sleeping

Co sleeping does not necessarily mean sleeping side by side in the same bed.Co sleeping can also mean sleeping in close proximity (same room) as your baby. Co sleeping helps to create a sense of security and calm for both mother and baby. Research suggests that a mother and baby who co sleeps share the same sleep cycles.

​Should you decide to sleep in the same bed it is advised to follow safely guide regulations to ensure the safety of your child.

​Avoid Caffeine

Breast milk is a bi-product of what you consume. Coffee contains caffeine and will affect your baby’s ability to sleep; in the same way it affects an adult.

​Dream Feeds

Dream feeding is a technique used by some women before they go to bed, to help avoid their baby waking in the night.Simply put, it is feeding the baby as he sleeps.

​Change Baby’s Diaper Before You Feed Him

Change his diaper before you feed him. This way the feed will help to send him off to sleep again. Changing his diaper after the feed could wake him by stimulating his senses.

​Avoid Eye Contact

Avoid eye contact and talking to him during night feeds. These actions will only help to stimulate him resulting in an aware baby that may be difficult to put back to sleep. He will think it is time to play!


Avoid patting baby on the back and burping him after a night feed. Simply hold him up right over your shoulder. This way any immediately trapped wind will escape with ease. The patting motion from burping will be likely to wake him.


We all know that a quick car drive can send baby off to sleep in a matter of minutes. Especially designed rockers will sway back and forth to help gently rock baby off to sleep.

​Windy Babies

Prop the mattress up slightly to avoid baby sleeping flat on his back. This slight angle will help to ease any discomfort felt from trapped air.

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