Baby Hammock Review

If you have a fussy baby on your hands, you probably have discovered that the only way to calm him down is by using a rocking motion.

But it’s not always possible to hold your baby in your arms and rock him for long periods of time, which is sometimes necessary with a colicky or gassy baby.

Fortunately, there is a relatively new product on the market that can encourage your baby to fall asleep in a natural, comfortable position.

It’s called a baby hammock and, although it’s not really a new concept, the products that are available these days are really quite innovative.

A baby hammock is believed by many to be the most natural means of encouraging a cranky baby to calm down and fall asleep.

Hammocks have been widely used in many eastern countries through the years as the perfect place for a baby to sleep. These days, the concept has caught on in western society as well. And of course, we’ve had to improve on the idea!

When you ponder the concept of a baby hammock, it’s actually completely logical. A baby hammock imitates the way in which a parent rocks their child to sleep.

For your baby, it feels much like the way it does when you’re sitting in your rocking chair with your child in your arms. The rocking motion helps soothe a fussy baby who has trouble falling asleep.

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It’s not just the rocking motion that’s important. The truth is that there isn’t a more comfortable place for your baby to sleep than a baby hammock.

The explanation for why the hammock is so comfy for your little one is because it’s pretty much the same position he was in throughout the final months of your pregnancy. By recreating that coziness and warmth, your baby is soothed and comforted.

If you’re worried about its safety, don’t be. A baby hammock is a completely safe place for your little one to sleep because its design prohibits it from tipping over.

There are no open sides that will allow your baby to roll off. While your baby is sleeping in the hammock, it is almost impossible for him to roll over onto his stomach, which means your child will not be so vulnerable to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome that has been associated with sleeping on the tummy.

A baby hammock isn’t just for newborns. In fact, it can be used from birth right up until your baby is one year old. So why not help your baby (and yourself) get a good night’s sleep.

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Baby Hammock Motion Bed: Help or Hype?

Many parents these days are singing the praises of the baby hammock motion bed as the best way to help a baby to sleep.

According to fans of this sleeping arrangement, you can do away with traditional cribs and cradles entirely and totally rely on this more natural type of bed.

The question is, is a baby hammock motion bed truly an answer to prayer for parents of fussy babies, or is it just another trendy product to show off in the nursery?

A baby hammock is designed with a baby’s natural comfort in mind, and mimics the baby’s position in the womb in order to create a cozy little nest.

If you find that the only way to calm your baby is to rock her in your arms for hours on end, then you’ll probably find that the baby hammock motion bed can take a lot of the pressure off of you, as it imitates your movements and soothes your child.

There are a number of problems that newborns face, many of which make it difficult for them to fall asleep or establish normal sleep patterns.

A premature baby has a more difficult time adjusting to the outside world, and a baby hammock motion bed helps to replicate the womb-like surroundings that your baby misses.

Premature babies need to be held a lot, since the comfort and warmth of your arms reminds them of the womb. By making use of a baby hammock motion bed, you can help to recreate that sense of warmth and safety without having to hold your baby every minute of the day and night.

Another problem that affects many babies is acid reflux, and it can be a highly distressing situation for little babies. If your infant has this problem, then a baby hammock motion bed is perfect because of its slightly tilted position.

If the baby’s head is elevated somewhat, it will discourage acid reflux by preventing stomach acids from climbing up into the baby’s esophagus. Also, the rocking motion will improve your child’s digestion.

Likewise, babies who suffer from gas and colic will sleep much more soundly in a baby hammock motion bed. The rocking motion feels like you’re holding your baby and rubbing her back to soothe her.

Experiencing any of these problems can make it difficult for your little one to sleep soundly. A baby hammock motion bed might be what you need to solve the problem and give both of you some relief.

Many parents have found them to be tremendously useful for helping their babies establish good sleeping habits. The bottom line is that, even though they’re very trendy, they’re also very practical.

What Do Others Say About the Natural Baby Hammock?

New parents these days can be forgiven for sometimes being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the latest trends in baby care.

All of a sudden, a new product or practice emerges and is believed to be the best thing ever for your little one. The problem is, though, that many popular parenting and baby care practices of the past have shown themselves to be just another passing trend, and some of them have even proved to be dangerous.

So how do you figure out if the latest trend is truly good for your baby? For example, the natural baby hammock gets a lot of hype. But is it dependable?

The best source for advice when it comes to baby care is really other parents. Those parents who have had a baby before you will have better knowledge than a so-called expert.

So learning about a natural baby hammock from another mom or dad is more reliable than listening to the hype from the manufacturer.

If you don’t know anyone who has used a baby hammock, you can also look for independent reviews on websites that sell these products, such as A parenting forum is also a great place to look for information.

When I looked at some of these sites, it appears that the natural baby hammock has gone over well with most parents who have used them. The reviews are largely positive in tone and seem to confirm much of the information disseminated by the manufacturers.

Of course, different brands and styles of hammocks receive different reactions.

Some people enthusiastically claim that a baby hammock helped to relieve their child’s colic and acid reflux.

Babies who suffer from gas also seem to benefit from this style of sleeping. A lot of babies are happy to stay in their hammock and take long naps. It seems that these hammocks are similar to being held in their mother’s arms, and the rocking motion is very calming.

Finding a hammock that can grow with your baby is a priority for some of the parents who commented on natural baby hammocks on these forums. Also, easy assembly was considered to be highly important.

Parents of new babies already have a lot to do, so anything that involves complex setup instructions will not go over too well.

In general, you’re best to avoid a product that is hung from the ceiling. Reviewers have frequently commented that this is a big disadvantage.

The more positive reviews were typically for the natural baby hammocks that could be easily moved around from room to room. These styles are typically of the frame variety. They permit a parent to position the hammock next to their own bed at night, and also move it around the house while doing chores and other activities.

If you want my two cents worth, I’m all in favor of the natural baby hammock. It’s been many years since I had a baby in the house, but a hammock would have been a godsend for my colicky baby.

And now that I have a grandchild on the way, I definitely plan on buying one of these for my daughter. Although I am tempted to get some revenge for all the sleepless nights!

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