An Introduction To Teaching Babies, You Are Never Too Young To Learn

We all know that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn things. However, whilst you may have ideas of school age children absorbing information, you can actually start to teach your children from the moment that they are born.

Sounds strange? Well, there are ways that you can start teaching from the earliest age. Take a read through these basic rules and tips, all to help you to understand more about the benefits of, and how to teach your baby.

Babies Are Much Cleverer Than You Realise

If you look at intelligence as the speed and ability that someone learns then babies would be geniuses. The brain of a baby is ready to learn, alert and awake. It takes in as much information as possible and makes sense of this, all from a range of sources.

As parents, we are the main source of this information and knowledge. Which means that we need to do our best to help our babies to make sense of the world around them.

The Key Is Early Learning

From birth right up to the age of three, we are all at a critical point of learning. However, our ability to learn is still high right up until the age of 9.You can see this by the sheer weight of a brain as we age.

At birth our brains are around 25{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} of our adult weight, and then at 1 it has doubled, by 2 it has grown to 75{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} and then by 3 we see it at 90{02e5be7f012279c22c6274b0d68cdb48f58e7c03ea5177cedf998eb90f5e1283} of the final weight.This means that it really make sense to try to encourage your baby to learn.


Want to know what to do to teach your baby? Well, the truth is that it is pretty simple to do. In fact, all you really need to do is make sure that you take the time to interact with them as much as possible.

Here are some of the ideas of how you can change up the interactions that you have with your baby and teach them as much as possible.

Sound- teaching your baby can be as simple as talking or singing to them. It doesn’t really matter what you say or sing, it is more about interacting with them. If you run out of things to say then you could try reading a book or playing some music that you can sing along too.

Sight- they may not have the best eyesight, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of visual learning with your baby. Using different images and colours can really help to grab their attention. What you may not realise is that babies enjoy black and white more than bright colours, thanks to the contrast between the two shades.

Feel- we all love a cuddle, especially our babies. This means that you should really make the effort to get hands on with them. Not only can you give them cuddles, but you can also see if baby massage helps to bond with them too. You can also get them to try out different textures themselves, showing them more about the world around them.

Tummy time- we are told that tummy time is important for all babies to have. This is because it encourages them to lift their heads up and also gets them ready to crawl. Not only this, but it also gets their neck muscles nice and strong too.

Play- playing with our kids is something that so many of us need to do more. Playtime is a great chance for children to learn, not only with toys, but also with their own imaginations. Perhaps with a little bit of help from you.

We all want to give our babies the best head-start in life. So, why not set yours up with a touch of early learning to get them ready?

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