Activities During Pregnancy That Can Enhance Your Baby’s Personality Development

Entering parenthood is a joyous time and one the most memorable and beautiful journeys of a person's life. However, at the same time pregnancy is stressful and worrisome for many parents especially if they are expecting their first born.

With the exponential rise in mental disorders such as autism, ADHS, and Down's syndrome, more parents are concerned about their child's psychological well being. Besides that, the increasing competition of having the smartest kid, getting into the best school and having a fantastic IQ is a never-ending quest.

There is an old wive's tale that a pregnant mother's lifestyle has a direct impact on the baby's development. Over the years scientific research has substantiated those claims to a great extent if not entirely.

There are specific lifestyle changes and targeted activities that you can do while you are pregnant that can help to build your baby's personality and improve his brain performance. Here are some of the events that you should indulge in if you are expecting a baby.

Cut Off Negativity

The essential thing that plays a role in your child's personality building are the positive vibes around him. They say that a happy mother means a happy child – and they say it right. It is partially for this reason why babymoons are becoming increasingly common so that the expecting parents can take a break from their routine and get a breather.

You need to cut off the negativity around you and surround yourself with positive thoughts. If you have mood swings or if you are depressed and cranky, your child will be impacted by all the toxic build up inside you. You need to remain relaxed, happy and confident.

Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation

Most people will tell you to have complete bed rest while you are pregnant. Do not listen to them or else you will find yourself struggling with postpartum weight months after you have delivered your baby.

Exercise and yoga during pregnancy and very healthy unless your gynecologist explicitly asks you not to do it. Of course, it does not mean that you do high-intensity cardio. However, there are specialized pregnancy yoga regimes which you should look into.

They will not only help with your body cramps and physical pain but will also help channelize the positive energy in your mind and body, making you feel lighter and happier.

Problem Solving Activities

Just like your body needs exercise to get healthy, your mind needs exercise to stay fit too. Interestingly, it is believed that if mothers indulge in mentally demanding activities during their pregnancy, it can help in sharpening the baby's brain.

In some culture, pregnant women are made to indulge in activities such as solving mathematical problems, crosswords, puzzles, etc. so that their mind gets more nourished. If you do not want invest in toys and games, you can find some exciting free jigsaw puzzles online. Spending a few minutes every day to solve a mystery or a mentally challenging problem can help you make your baby smarter.

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