8 Mistakes New Moms Must Avoid For Easy Parenting

Easy parenting may sound like an oxymoron for many. Well, I do not completely disagree. But, babies are all about habits. If you take a little care right from the early days, you can get through some of the difficult stages of parenting with relative ease.

Here are some such mistakes which when avoided may help you out provided your little one is not affected by any medical conditions.

Creating Sleep Associations

In the initial months, your baby will mostly sleep at your breasts. Simply go ahead and enjoy that phase. But at all other times try to pat your baby to sleep in her own cot. Past three months, make it a routine to pat your little one to sleep. If you start right from the 3 month mark, you will never have to "sleep train" your baby.

Late Toilet Training

I have heard and seen a number of parents struggling to potty train their toddlers. But then there are babies toilet trained well before their first birthday. Starting early has a lot of benefits.

The best way would be to take the baby to the toilet to do his business as soon as he wakes up after every nap. Later, you can keep an eye on the clock and try to take him every hour to the toilet. Smaller babies may not like to sit on a potty chair.

So the position I used was to make the baby sit on the nook of my feet with his legs spread across my feet. Please note that if you plan to start early on, you will have to continue the same routine throughout the toddler years till he can communicate with you that he wants to go potty.

Late Toilet Training

Failing which, the baby may hold in and end up getting constipated.I have read articles suggesting not to potty train a child younger than 3 years as it may cause urinary incontinence later on in life.

I somehow cannot come into terms with this claim because had it been so, almost everyone in the developing nations would have been flocking at the urologist’s office with incontinence problems.

Failing To Make Brushing A Habit

Thanks to frequent relishing of sweets and snacks, a toddler's teeth are quite prone to decaying. Toddlers are usually very reluctant to co-operate with brushing too. The best bet would be to start a brushing routine as soon as the first tooth erupts or by 6-7 months, whichever is earlier.

Use a soft silicone brush and massage the gums every morning and before bedtime. By making brushing part of a baby's routine, you can save yourself from a lot of toddler tantrums later on.

Life Revolving Around Baby Schedule

Life Revolving Around Baby Schedule

It's true that in the initial days you will have to schedule your life around your baby's timings. But if you continue so, you might have a lot of trouble later on. If you enjoy eating out or like to go on frequent vacation or if you had an active social life, continue to do so with your baby right from the early days so that he becomes accustomed to it.

If you think of resuming all that once your baby turns to a toddler, he might have a difficult time getting used to it.

Weaning With Store Bought Food

If you don’t want to worry over your toddler being a picky eater, you may have to focus on your diet right from pregnancy. Researches have found that babies have an affinity towards the food that mom used to have during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Also, when you start weaning, introduce nutritious fruits, vegetables and multi-grains rather than store brought bland cereals so that your child is exposed to different tastes. Babies are more receptive to new tastes than toddlers. So, make the most out of that stage.

Not Planning Ahead

Whatever be your parenting principles, get your babies used to it as early as you can. If you are a working mom who wants to exclusively breastfeed your baby, you will have to start pumping well ahead and get your little one used to bottles as early as you can.

If you plan to send your baby to a day care while you are away, you may want to start early and make the move gradually so that your baby is not affected by separation anxiety. This way, planning ahead can help your baby get accustomed to changes and make transitions smoother.

Forgetting The Daddy

Moms are often so engrossed with the baby that they forget the daddy. If you fail to involve your partner right from the early days, the chores might end up overwhelming for you. After all, the dad has to be as responsible as the mom when it comes to raising the children.

And of course after a hard day, nothing can be more relaxing than having some alone time with your partner.

Forgetting The Daddy

Following Everyone’s Advice.

New parents are flooded with advices (including this article). It is definitely good to listen to everyone’s advice because it may throw light on aspects that you might never have thought of before.

But it is even more important to trust your maternal instincts because if you as a parent feel something is not right, more than often it ends up being true.

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