5 Herbal Teas That Are Good For Postpartum Women

When you give birth, it marks the end of a new stage of your life and the beginning of a new one. Your mind and body have to transition into motherhood. This period immediately after giving birth up to 6 weeks of nursing your baby is called the postpartum period.

Carrying the baby inside you for nine months and then giving birth is a very exhaustive task for your body. This is why as soon as you deliver; your body goes through rapid changes in order to get things back to how they used to be before you conceived.

Transitioning during this postpartum period can be a little challenging due to hormonal changes and is sometimes painful as your body is trying to heal itself. You will, therefore, need something that will relax you and help you stay calm as you are bonding with the baby. Nothing will be more soothing than having a cup of tea, a hot one in fact, and not just any ordinary tea, herbal tea.

It’s better to drink herbal teas than to drink caffeinated drinks during your postpartum period. Trust me; you need the healing properties of herbs.

Here is a list of 5 Herbal teas that are good for postpartum women and are recommended for you

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This herb has very useful properties that will get you through your postpartum. One of its golden qualities is its ability to stimulate the uterus and help it heal. During pregnancy and delivery, the muscles of the uterus always expand and may tear. Taking red raspberry leaf tea will thus work magic on your healing process as it will tone your uterine muscles and help it heal faster.

Red raspberry leaf tea is also highly nutritive as it contains iron, b-vitamins, potassium and magnesium that will boost your nursing since your baby needs enough milk that is high in nutrients. Raspberry tea also heals skin infections like eczema and allergies.

Stinging Nettle Tea

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This is one of the best nutritive herbs that will work wonders on you in your postpartum period when your body is trying to get back to its normal state before pregnancy. One of the challenges postpartum have to grapple with is adrenal exhaustion. This is usually caused by the sudden change in hormonal levels when you deliver.

A hot cup of stinging nettle tea will revive your overall feeling by stimulating your nervous system that usually goes for a ride at this time. It is also packed with nutrients like magnesium, iron and calcium that will be good for you and the baby.

Rooibos Tea

This herb is a caffeine-free South African herb that is grown from a red bush, and that’s why it is sometimes referred to as the red bush tea. It is one of the safest herbs to use hence can be given to both the baby and the mother. It has anti-oxidant properties which help the body to eliminate free radicals.

Rooibos tea will also boost your body’s iron absorption. It also improves the quality of the skin. You don’t have to be less attractive just because you have just delivered. Make your skin glow, it all starts with a cup of rooibos tea.

Ginger Tea

During your postpartum, one of the herbs that should not miss in your cuisine is ginger. Taking ginger tea will effectively boost your breast milk production. The ketones that are present in ginger have immune system boosting properties. When you take ginger tea, these ketones will be passed to your baby hence boosting her immune system too.

Ginger also has medicinal properties that will help to heal muscle pains and the uterine pain that mothers experience after giving birth. The abdominal pain around the uterus area is always as a result of the uterus shrinking back to its previous size before you conceived your baby.

Fennel Tea

Fennel is a flavourful herb with a lot of health benefits for you and your baby. Its anti-oxidant qualities will help to eliminate free radicals in your body. Since whatever you take your baby takes too through your breast milk, the anti-oxidant properties will also pass to the baby. Other health benefits of fennel tea include eliminating digestive disorder.

You can prepare your fennel tea the same way you prepare fennel tea for babies. You can click here to check out how to prepare fennel tea.

Precautions A Postpartum Mother Needs To Take When Drinking Herbal Teas.

Not all herbs are safe to consume when you are still nursing your baby. You should, therefore, have the following in mind.

  • Ensure that your herbal tea is free from caffeine. Should your herbal tea contain caffeine, you should make sure that you don’t drink more than 300mg in a day.
  • Make sure that the herb you want to consume will not impact negatively on your breast milk production. Herbal teas that may reduce your milk production include spearmint teas, sage teas and menthol teas.
  • Ensure that you check the ingredients before you buy your herbal tea. Avoid teas that contain herbs like lemon balm, black walnut and sorrel as they will reduce your milk production.
  • You should also contact your doctor before drinking any herbal tea to ensure that what you are consuming does not affect your health and the baby’s health too.


Postpartum mothers are usually so busy since the baby is still very young, usually between few days old to a few weeks old. Because of that, mothers may sometimes forget to take care of themselves since they feel it’s all about the baby.

As a mother who has just delivered and is now going through postpartum, you can soothe and comfort yourself by drinking herbal teas and get rid of the after pains by helping your body to heal faster. You can try the above-discussed herbs to make yourself herbal tea, in fact, some of them are recommended by doctors since they are good for postpartum women.

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