5 Best Tips To Wean Your Baby From Pacifiers

Pacifiers are essential tools for every baby in the first 6 months; therefore, it is not easy for parents to wean their babies from the pacifiers. However, it does not mean that there is no way to make it happen. It is surely possible if you follow the 5 tips to wean your baby from pacifiers mentioned below in this article.

1. Right Time

wean baby from pacifier

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Do you think that we can force babies to quit pacifiers since 4 months old? Parents should choose a suitable time for their babies start quitting pacifiers. How old is suitable? There is not a compulsory time for parents to wean their babies from pacifiers. Though, it is recommended to stop babies from their habit of sucking pacifiers as early as possible.

For instance, you can reduce duration of your baby’s pacifier sucking since 2 or 3 months old then make it quit steadily. It is advisable not to allow baby to use pacifiers for so long. It is because when pacifiers become one of essential parts of baby’s daily life, it is incredibly tough to take it out of their lives.

2. Be Tough

be tough with baby to wean them from pacifier

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This might be a good method in some cases but not all of these cases. The first requirement to apply this method is that your baby somehow grows up. Sometimes, you really need to be strict and say “no” to your baby about using pacifier allowance. At first, it can be not easy for both of parents and babies in this method. There might be crying nights in the first week, but time can make them forget about pacifiers soon.

In case, your baby is too small, it is sure that “Be tough” is completely useless. So you need to move to the next tips to find out which tip is most suitable for your case.

3. Try To Make Pacifiers Taste Bad.

wean off pacifier

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It certainly works. You must know what taste you baby hates most. Just make your baby’s pacifiers taste the same. Then, you do not need to do any trick, your baby is gonna quit it by themselves. However, parents should be wise to use ingredients to make the taste on the pacifiers. Kids suck pacifiers directly; therefore, parents should make taste by natural ingredients as to protect kids from digest toxic chemicals.

4. Make Distraction By Creating Other Attraction

Baby often uses pacifiers at night to get a good sleep. Or they often suck it in boring time. Therefore, one method for parents is to distract them from missing pacifiers.

When you decide to break the habits of your nipples, you should not expect a sudden change in a day. As a parent, you have to patiently guide him through the process of weaning with the advice:

If your child is moving to the nipple during boring, you should give the exciting activities that will distract people use it. Think about art activities designed to make your hands busy.

creating other attraction beside pacifier

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When your child insists on using nipples though fun activities posed to him, you should sing a song or nursery rhyme read to him. In this way, he was once again distracted from it when the mouth another activity.

You should begin to take the steps necessary to separate the bottles from him his milk. He should then slowly but surely will be encouraged to sip instead of smoking.

You also need to guide your child to express his disappointment instead of pouring them out on the nipple. Normally, he taught sign language or a few words more will do the trick.

Your child will be encouraged to have a voice in this process. Most children will stop the habit of pacifier on their own once they reach two years of age, which means that it is not too difficult a problem for parents.

You can use rewards to encourage children to drop the habit.

5. Do Not Make The Habit

The best way to wean pacifiers from your baby is that you never make using pacifiers your baby’s habit. Some parents will oppose that it is impossible not to use pacifiers in the first months of their babies. However, you obviously can make it not become a habit. Parents can use multiple ways to chill the babies down when they are crying or naughty. At night, they can sing for their baby to sleep or read fairy tales instead.

If you do not want to experience tough quitting pacifiers experience with your baby, do not make pacifiers your baby’s essentials since the very first period of his life.

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