5 Benefits of Body Massage for Children’s Good Health

Of course, children are our future and their protection is our primary growth. It is important for their growth and development to keep them healthy, well-fed and well-taught. Parents touch is always a blessing for their kids.

It provides them the feeling of security and motivates them to do great in their lives. However, most of the time children face very unusual situations which cause hindrance to their growth and productivity.

These bad situations can be due to hectic school routines or it can also arise due to family quarrels. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to give your children much-needed body massage for relieving stress and proper nourishment.

This routine based activity is much needed in the present scenario as nowadays, even kids are burdened with education and sports responsibilities. At this young age, kids adopt habits much quickly.

It would be wise to teach them those things which their personalities will need much in coming days of youth when stakes are always high. Healthy habits and insightful teachings are going to stay with them for a lifetime.

School system will teach many things but kids’ personality is always based on most of the things which he learns from parents. There are many benefits of the body massage which can play a significant role in shaping your child’s physical and mental health but these are 5 most important benefits which you could not ignore for your child’s welfare and nourishment.

Weight And Muscle Gain

Usually, infants struggle to gain weight in first six months. A body massage which will cover every part of the body will enable the baby to feel relaxed and gain much weight. Massage will provide growth hormones which are necessary for body nourishment.

It will also produce much space in the body parts to develop more muscles and gain some weight. A study conducted at Children’s National Medical Center, Washington showed that the infant babies who are massaged routinely are expected to gain more weight in less time than babies who are not given any massage therapy.

Baby is well recommended by physicians worldwide. Massage will enable the baby to digest the food quickly and increase his appetite. In the process, babies will be eating more food which will automatically increase their weight.

Stress Relief

Baby’s Skin

It is a known fact that massage helps to fight anxiety and stress. Stress is common in school going, babies. A researcher Maria Hernandez-Reif states that lower stress hormones not only reduce anxiety feelings but also strengthen immunity system.

Touch provides the baby with that much-needed immunity system. The immune system keeps the kids safe from bacteria, viruses and other hazardous pathogens. Research has shown that body massage helps the baby to inhale much oxygen and therefore it is considered helpful against asthma.

It is not only about the stress of your baby but it is also about parents stress. Massage will help you to understand your baby well because you will make much eye contact, share smiles, body touch and body sounds.

Motor Development

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Babies develop motor development when they grow. Babies under 2 years learn to stand on their feet and walk. It is rather difficult for their tiny legs to bear the weight of the body. Massage helps them to gain much strength in muscles to walk frequently.

A study has shown that massage improves motor development in babies who receive routinely massage. There are other hundreds of studies which support that the baby massage helps your child in motor development.

Additionally, baby massage strengthens the nervous system of the baby. The baby becomes more aware of the functioning of their organs which can make them walk or run. In this way, bone flexibility and legs coordination with brain increase thus offering them more assistance in motor development.

Better Cognitive Development

A study performed at Early Child Care institute stated that preschoolers did better after receiving 15-minute massage therapy than babies who are admitted to schools. Massage full body therapies are more beneficial because it makes the body to gain much-needed ingredients and helps the brain to stay active in absorbing more knowledge.

Also when they are stress-free and feel relaxed then they will commence creative ways which seem funny to us as well.

Relief From Muscular Pain

Full body massage helps the body to regain strength and fight the spasm or muscular pain related issues. The massage therapy for relieving pain works in a cycle “pain-spasm-pain”. Inactive or lazy kids can gather much of residual substances in their body which cause pain in different body parts.

Massage helps the body to release such type of substances and provides a relief to the body. You must have noticed that often kids sleep sufficiently after receiving a good massage. It is because of the release of hazardous substances from the body.

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