Gone are the days where you had a room full of flowers and visitors coming to meet your newborn. With Covid still a threat, most hospitals won’t  allow  more than one person to help mom during and after delivery.

Now more than ever, birth announcements are popular because they allow family and friends to get a look at the new addition no matter how far they may be. Here are a few ideas to help you introduce Baby to the world.

Use A Board

Word board announcements are all over Instagram and Pinterest. This is a great way to spell out your baby’s name and birth measurements such as weight, length, date, and even the time your childs was  born.

Once the information is on the board, parents can prop it on the hospital crib next to the baby and snap a few photos.

If you want to take your board announcement to the next level, you can find a birth announcement board at Sandstone Avenue that you can  customize and tailor to your style and your baby’s name. Whether it’s wood or acrylic, you get to pick the font your baby’s name will be spelled out with. Plus, there’s space to write those important measurements.

Send Cards

Even though everything seems to be digitalized these days, a hand-delivered card is more personalized than a general post or an email blast on social media.

Shutterfly and Minted make it easy for you to upload your baby’s picture then customize the layout so that it looks professionally done. The best thing about ordering from places such as these is you don’t have to address envelopes. They take care of that for you.

All you have to decide on is whether to use a picture you’ll be taking yourself or hiring a newborn photographer to do it for you.

Use An Outfit

Some parents may not be ready to share pictures of their baby. They may not want to share birth measurement details. They may just have too much going on to put something cute together. This is where a personalized outfit or blanket can be used to announce the new baby’s name.

Caden Lane and Caprilina make custom onesies and swaddle blankets that can be monogrammed or have baby’s name printed all over the fabrict. This is perfect for the mom who wants to announce the baby without showing his or her  face on social media.

You could  use these personalized pieces and a word board to announce the baby’s arrival as a flatlay picture so it’s an announcement with everything but the baby. Add other pieces like  a binky, a pair of booties, and a cap that surrounds the word board.

The best part about a birth announcement is knowing baby is finally here. No matter how you choose to share that news, it’s going to be special.