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Who Are The Best Writers: Women Or Men? How To Prove Your Talent?

It so happened that it was always difficult for women to make their way. In past centuries, the field of activity of the fair sex was home, everyday life, family and small crafts such as sewing and embroidery. Classes in art and sciences were purely male, and the woman was given the opportunity to become a muse, an assistant, but not a creator. Women could only “be members of the family”, “governesses” and “give some lessons.”

Of course, in the past, outstanding women appeared who violated the established stereotype, but this was something exceptional, scandalous, and sometimes even indecent. At the very least, society did not take a woman writer or doctor seriously. Therefore, Georges Sand put on a man’s suit and changed her name. And well-wishers advised J.K. Rowling and the Bronte sisters to take male pseudonyms so that publishers would pay due attention to their work.

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Some women did manage to make a name for themselves in the writing environment. One of the first female writers was Hrosvita Gundersheim, a 10th-century poetess and prose writer from Saxony. This talented nun wrote edifying comedies in Latin and became so famous for her works that the rumor about her reached Henry II of Bavaria, who not only appreciated her works, but ordered her a poem, which glorified the Abbey of Gandersheim – “The Beginnings of the Gandersheim Monastery.”

If by chance you are not yet familiar with Sei-Shonagon, it is worth getting to know. This lady of the court lived in Japan at about the same time as Hrosvita Gundersheim. She knew how to skillfully compose poetry and founded a special prose genre – zuihitsu (Japanese “following the brush”). In Notes at the Bed, she tells in detail about the life of the court, ironically describing the aristocracy and its habits.

Until the 19th century, there were very few famous writers. But soon on the literary scene there were those whose names still immediately spring to mind at the words “woman writer”: Jane Austen – “First Lady” of English literature, Sisters Brontë and Mary Shelley. With their success, these ladies have clearly shown that not only men can be outstanding writers.

Speaking about women in literature, one cannot but recall two real “record holders” – Agatha Christie and Margaret Mitchell.

At the word “detective” two names come to mind – one male and one female: Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. It’s hard to imagine a more successful and professional writer than Christie. Writer in the top ten most published authors. In addition, the works of Mrs. Christie are popular not only among readers, but also among theater-goers: for example, The Mousetrap has been running in London continuously since 1952! About the creative process, Agatha said that she pondered all her novels while knitting with friends, and when she sat down at the desk, the book was already completely ready in her head.

Margaret Mitchell did not leave behind such a vast literary legacy as Agatha Christie, but the success of Gone With the Wind is colossal. In 2014, a Harris Poll survey found that Mitchell’s novel is still the second most popular novel in the United States, after the Bible.

The writer always conveys his vision of the world in his papers, and the more unusual this vision, the more memorable the narration is. And who certainly saw the world in his own way, so this is Virginia Woolf – a bright personality of the era of modernism. Woolf was a member of the Bloomsbury Circle, which was famous for its freedom-loving morals and aspirations for artistic pursuit. This greatly influenced her work. She created papers that very accurately reflected not only the problems of society, but also showed them in a new way, as, for example, in the novel Orlando. This book is a sparkling parody of the genre of historical biographies so beloved by the public. There is no place for hypocrisy, but irony and absurdity prevail.

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It is very difficult to choose the “best”, “most successful” or “most influential” writers. Each made a very serious contribution to literature, strengthening the status of women not only in the writing sphere, but in society as a whole. In this article, we are not trying to tell about everyone. But there are some that cannot be ignored. For example, Ursula Le Guin. It would seem that not a very familiar name, nevertheless she is one of the most outstanding and titled science fiction writers, and now we are not only talking about women. Very often, female creativity is associated with love stories and sentimental poems, so we decided to talk about the author, who can be a discovery for many.

If a person is engaged in creativity, then his age, gender or origin is not at all important. The main thing is those thoughts and ideas, those unique artistic forms that he conveys to the reader. We still live in a world full of stereotypes and prejudices. This applies not only to women, but also to men, and to representatives of various professions, residents of different countries, is it worth it to list all this.

If you are in doubt about whether to start writing, go for it, write, and if there is already a paper or an essay in a box or on your computer desktop, publish it. You have every chance of success, and the heroines we talked about are the best example of this!

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