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4 Ideas For Your Next Baby Shower

If you’re expecting a baby or have someone in your life who’s preparing to be a mom, the obvious thing to do is to celebrate the joy of a new addition by throwing a baby shower.

This fun and festive celebration is a great way to gather together to play some exciting games, snack on some fun foods, and prepare the new mom for her upcoming journey. 

But planning and throwing a baby shower can take a lot of effort. And money. That is, if you’re not smart about it.

If you’re worried about how to go about planning an amazing baby shower without dipping too deep into your pockets, here are some fabulous ideas to help you out. 

Pick A Fun Theme

All parties need a theme. And a baby shower is no different. Sure, the obvious answer here would just be to have a baby-themed party, but isn’t that a little too cliche? Pick a fun theme to help start off your party decor. 

You can get creative with your theme. You don’t necessarily have to steer completely away from the baby theme, but you can definitely vamp it up to make it more fun for a bunch of excited adults. Play around with the quintessential blue and pink theme for a mixed gender party and turn it into dress code. If the gender hasn’t been revealed yet, you can have your guests come in wearing either pink or blue outfits based on what gender they think the baby will be. 

Another fun idea is to set up a theme according to the current season. A fall or spring themed baby shower would allow you to set up with freshly available decor and will give your guests an easy pass when it comes to finding the right outfit to wear. 


Set Up A Fancy Luncheon Table

Once your theme is decided, the next thing to do is to start with your decor. Everyone loves a good fancy meal, so this is your chance to put your creativity to the test. Instead of doing the typical buffet table set up with a bunch of snacks, you can go for a much fancier dining table set up with a specific baby shower menu and cutlery in place. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend too much to get it. 

Pick any dining table you have available at home, or combine a bunch of smaller, similarly sized tables and drape a white sheet over them. Set up some chairs around it. Go to your nearest store to get some paper or plastic cutlery of the same color as the theme you’re going with. So if your theme is Fall baby shower, you can get yellow, light orange, or brown cutlery. 

Set the table up with any themed elements you have at home or can make yourself, like a floral table runner from the flowers in your garden, a bunch of candle holders spread across the table with some candles in them, or even some dried potpourri to go in some pots. 

You can even print out your own baby shower menu and place one menu card at each place setting to give your guests and host a more formal feel. 


Make Your Own Custom Invites 

Your party planning might be all set, but nothing is complete without the invitations. Everyone knows that a fun invitation can set the tone for how much of a hit your event will be. So make sure your baby shower invitations are engaging, interactive, and invoke excitement within your guests. 

To keep up with your theme and decor, you can make your own custom invitations to send out to everyone. Don’t worry about it costing too much. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can easily get access to a wide range of baby shower invites that you can customize according to your requirements. 

For the ideal invite, start off with the colors that represent your party’s theme. If you’re going with a softer Parisian theme, pink and white are the way to go. If you’re going with a spring theme, you can add a ton of pastels in there. The next step is to add your party title. You can keep it simple by calling it “YourName’s Baby Shower” or make it fun by connecting it with a theme. Add in the right details like time and date. Throw in some fun animations and images to make the party interesting for your guests. If you have a special request, like a blue vs. pink dress code, add it to the invite. Once your invite is done you can send it out through email or post it on social media for your entire circle to see. 

Plan Out Some Baby-Themed Games For The Guests 

The party doesn’t just need to look nice, it needs to actually be fun to attend to. That means you need to plan out a bunch of themed activities to keep your guests entertained. One great idea is to set up a list of baby or mom-themed games and quizzes to help keep up with the baby shower fun. 

One great baby shower party game to play is to encourage guests to decorate their own baby onesie. All you have to do is buy a bunch of plain baby onesies and set up a corner with glue guns, glitter, lace, fabric markers, and other fun crafts items. Then encourage guests to make onesies for the baby to be born. 

Another fun game is to do a cake-pop gender reveal. Give every guest a cake pop or cupcake and ask them to take a bite to see what color the inside is. The guest who manages to get the colored cupcake will know the gender. 

These games will not only keep the guests engaged, they’ll make for a great celebration for the mom-to-be too and help prepare her for motherhood. 

Final Thoughts

Planning a baby shower might seem fun, but it can be challenging too. You ideally want to make the mother-to-be feel special about the newest addition in her life, but it would be great if you didn’t have to empty your wallet to do it. Follow these tips to throw a fun, budget friendly baby shower that will make for the perfect welcome for any baby on its way.






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