10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Baby Rockers

As baby rockers are as delicate as babies are, many buyers of baby rockers had remained dissatisfied with their purchases over the years.  The common mistakes mostly limit to quality and manufacturer checking and poorly manufactured rockers may prove dangerous to the baby(ies) due to their fragile nature. The story of Bob might have given some clues about his dissatisfaction despite spending over $500 on automatic baby rockers.

Why Parents Need Baby Rockers?

Baby or babies need comfort and so does parents. A baby needs to be swinging, rocking, cuddling, etc. all day long when he/she is awake. Such events make babies comfortable and sleepy so that he/she does not bother his/her parents much. Parents, on the other hand, also need rest when they are tired of resting the baby on their arms. Moreover, parents have other works to do as household chores during which the baby needs to be put on the rockers so that they do not bother the busy parents.

Apart from these, baby rockers are crucial because parents should not always share a bed with babies due to many reasons. When the baby is made to share bed with parents, complications may come which may prove risky and even fatal for the baby.

When a baby is sleeping with parents in their bed, chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) are high. SIDS is though unexplained but may happen due to asphyxiation. In sleep, such occurrence though rare but should not be risked with baby’s life. Another common issue may come with skin problems, as a baby’s skin is very delicate and may attract unwanted fungus or bacteria, which may be a worrying affair for the baby. Chances of developing peanut allergy are also high when the baby share bed with his/her parents.

That is why baby or babies need baby rockers, cribs, or rockers/strollers with bassinet for a healthy beginning.

Baby Rockers Market Is Flooded With Poor Quality Rockers

Due to the globalized market environment, various nations and producers/manufacturers tend to export their products to other nations and when exports amount to billions of dollars every year for baby rockers, poor quality products are hard to notice. To make extra profits and avoid anti-dumping duties, producers from other countries mostly bypass the rule by having a manufacturing unit at another country, which easily circumvents the “Country of Origin” rules, thereby allowing poor manufacturers to make a cut in the billion-dollar baby rocker industry.

Such mishaps are common nowadays while consumers remain dissatisfied with poor quality baby rockers. The image of hi-tech or automatic baby rockers is also the same as several competitors (both top and poor quality) vie for market share and profit. Amidst all these, the buyers or consumers are fed up with poorly manufactured baby rockers that easily break down or collapse upon the mildest of bump.

Top 10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Baby Rockers From The Market

  1. Check all the accessories that are labeled in the box containing baby rockers. Check the price and check the competitor price as well while buying a particular model of baby rocker.
  2. Check the wheel alignment if it has. Check for irregularity of wheels or the base curve.
  3. Carefully look at the frames and handles attached to the baby rockers. Check their strength and durability.
  4. Check height adjustability in the baby rockers if any.
  5. Check material strength and compare it with others, which are available at almost the same price.
  6. Look for any free accessories, if the manufacturers are providing. The retailers often hide them to save money and gain extra profits.
  7. If you are buying baby rockers from the internet, kindly go through the customer reviews for the products.
  8. If you are buying automatic baby rockers from an online website, check the make, model and price of the same from multiple websites to save money. Different websites have different prices for same model. Some make more profit, some less.
  9. Ask your friends, relatives or neighbors, which baby rockers they are having for their babies. You can get a quick helpful review and recommendation for the same.
  10. Last but not the least, check for any guarantee or warranty provided by the retailers or stores.

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