10 Healthy and Refreshing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is usually a beautiful phase of life, most especially for the woman. Feeling the tiny kicks in the belly, having people treat her like a fragile porcelain bowl, and having a legitimate excuse to eat whole bowls of ice cream are just some of the few things that most women enjoy while pregnant.

However, pregnancy can also be described as a bittersweet period because with it comes lots of mood swings, dizziness, nausea, and even appetite loss.  Most pregnant women often find themselves on the receiving end as people advise them on what to do, what not to do, what to eat, and what not to eat which can prove to be quite overwhelming.

In fact, people focus on telling them what not to do and eat so much, forgetting that she needs to know what to drink as it is much easier for her to take liquids than solid foods. Fortunately, if you are pregnant, we got your back with a list of ten healthy and refreshing pregnancy drinks.

  • Water

During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences major changes and one way to help it cope with the changes is by increasing the water intake.  Taking water helps her stay dehydrated and also helps in flushing out toxins, maintaining a proper hormonal balance and it is also the main component of breast milk.

If taking plain water is still difficult, adding frozen fruits such as peach, oranges, kiwi, cherries, or strawberries will help turn it into a refreshing and nutritious drink.  

  • Milk

Studies show that milk is incredibly important not only for the mother but also for the growing baby. This is because it contains calcium which is essential for the development of the bones and teeth of the growing fetus.

Besides the baby, your pelvic bones also require strength to support the increasing weight of the baby as it grows and the only way to strengthen them is by taking foods and drinks rich in calcium such as milk.

It also packs an array of many other minerals such as phosphorus and zinc and other essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 and proteins which are crucial in the development of the unborn baby.  

  • Fresh fruit juices

Another refreshing drink for expectant mothers is fresh fruit juice. Even though taking whole fruits is much more beneficial, fresh juice is just as good.

Additionally, it packs the goodness of the fruit, for instance waking up to a glass of orange juice leaves you feeling refreshed and at the same time gives you a burst of vitamin C which helps your body to fight infections and protects cells from damage.

Orange juice is also rich in folic acid which is an important nutrient during pregnancy. Other fruit juices such as apples also provide you with a boost of energy. Always stick to fresh homemade fruit juices as you get to make them yourself hence you are sure they do not contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

In respect to that, having a juicer could prove incredibly convenient as you can make fruit juice whenever the need arises. During pregnancy it’s hard to go shop to shop to inquire which one is good juicer to purchase but asking friends and family or even checking the internet for reviews of juicer can you purchase the right product and you can potentially get the most value for your money.

  • Smoothies

Most women feel nauseous in the morning, a factor that makes them unable to eat anything. Fortunately, studies show that raw foods are less nauseous than cooked foods. Smoothies make a healthy and great morning snack for those days that you cannot stomach anything.  Not only are they nutritious but they also leave you feeling full.

  • Vegetable juices

For some women, consuming veggies while pregnant can prove to be a tedious task. Fortunately, they don’t have to forego the benefits of vegetables while pregnant as they can juice and drink them instead of eating. This gives them more options as they can dilute, sweeten or mix them with fruit juice to make them more bearable. This again is why it is important to own a good juicer while pregnant.

  • Coconut water

During pregnancy, you tend to lose a lot of vital electrolytes and minerals which are important for the growth of the unborn baby and also for you. Taking coconut water helps restore the lost minerals and electrolytes and also prevents dehydration.

  • Buttermilk

Constipation is usually a common problem during pregnancy which is why we advise on taking buttermilk. The fact that you can have it in many ways such as sour or sweet makes it even more convenient as you can take it according to what the unborn baby craves for. Additionally, it helps with mood swings and leaves you with a happy bowel.

  • Lemonade

Waking up to a cool glass of lemonade is the best way to get refreshed and to keep nausea at bay. Besides preventing nausea, lemonade is also rich in Vitamin C and also helps in detoxification.

  • Iced tea

For caffeine lovers, iced tea is the best way to go. Taking iced coffee or tea in the morning helps an expectant lady to stay refreshed and is also more bearable than hot tea. However, health authorities advise against taking caffeine while pregnant; therefore you should limit your consumption to one cup of iced tea every day if it is a must you take it.  

  • Soymilk

For those who are lactose intolerant, soymilk is a great alternative to milk. Similar to actual milk, it is also rich in calcium and proteins. If you find it hard to take milk, then you could take a glass a day as it serves the same purpose. 

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